Note: This is the best information we have, and we apologize if we fail to mention some of the people who contributed to the startup of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Colorado was originally a part of the West Texas Region; it split off to become its own region in 1992. Early NSTRA archives show that a few single trials were held near Magoffin, Colorado as early as February 18 1984. The records also show that a few trials were held on September 23 and 24 of 1989 near Strasburg, Colorado. In the birth stage of the region, members such as Rex Christiansen and Tracy Haines chaired these early trials in the mid 80’s. Consequently  Colorado Gun Dog Association, a walking field trial club, was formed to approach the pointing dog fanciers in the Front Range and help boost membership. Due to the efforts of Bert Oborne along with Alida Ruiz, the club started to gain visibility among field trial competitors. During that time Tom McBartlett of Arizona attended some of these early trials. In the early 90’s Tom relocated to Colorado and petitioned national office to endorse Colorado as a separate region with the agreement that 10 trials would be held in Colorado in the following year. Tommy helped put on a judging seminar and judged each of the 10 trials. By March 22, 1992 the tenth trial was accomplished in Colorado, and as a result, the Rocky Mountain Region was formed.

Past Presidents
Chris Cooperrider 2016-Present
Mark Pace, Sr. 2016 to 2016
Rachel Baker 2013 to 2016
Jeremy Partington 2011 to 2013
Mike Weis 2008 to 2011
Mark Pace, Jr. 2007 to 2008
Chuck Cawiezell 2006 to 2007
Steve Hazlett 2003 to 2006
Les Terry 1999 to 2003
Terry Raat 1998 to 1999
Bill Hickey 1994 to 1998
Tom McBartlett 1992 to 1994